Our organization

The Association is made up of 21 national groups, 19 of which represent different Member States of the European Union. One group represents the EFTA countries and the last group is made up of different nationalities from across the world.

The Honorary President is the wife of the Vice-President of the European Commission, currently Mrs. Irene Timmermans.

The Annual General Meeting is the sovereign authority of the Association and the Administrative Council the executive body.


The Executive Board in 2015:

President: Bernadette Ulens

Secretary General : Marian Conneely

Vice President Events: Ghislaine Troubetzkoy

Vice President Press/Communication: Renate Smith

Vice President Projects: Walthera Hudig

Treasurer:  Bernadette Grünhage

Vice Treasurer: Lilian Damstén

Newsletter Editors:  Nina Paaskesen/Aline Verhaegen

Website Editor: Maritza Barcia-Macay

Our bank account:  BE47 3100 7081 9180