How to help us

Our Friends

Attend our events

We organize a large number of different events throughout the year.

Getting involved in one of these events enables the participant to become better acquainted with us and our goals as well as provide indispensable financial support for our projects.

Make a donation and become a "Friend" of Femmes d’Europe

As it happens our fundraising events do not always raise sufficient funds to cover the growing number of global aid requests, thus all donations are greatly appreciated.

How to make a donation?

Donations are payable by bank transfer and two bank accounts are available:
1)the account of ’Friends of Femmes d’Europe Fund’,
number BE10 0000 0000 0404, with the number 017/1610/00025 written in the reference field; (Please note: this fund is hosted by the King Baudouin Foundation and donations of 40 EUROS or more benefit from a tax deduction of 45% on total amount annually donated.);

2)the association’s account, BE47 3100 70819180 with "Don" written in the reference field.