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Projects Ceremony

At the end of January each year, our members and sponsors as well as representatives of fund beneficiary bodies are invited to our ceremony presenting approximately eighty projects supported in the previous year.

During this very moving ceremony, which takes place in the buildings of the European Commission, the president and the vice-president of projects( the project committee) present updates of worldwide funded projects of the previous year . Guest speakers attend our ceremony to talk about the actual project of their beneficiary body and how the funds were used.
A video and slideshow are used to illustrate their presentations.
Leaflets summarize all the aid provided during the previous year.

Ceremony 2023

Cérémonie des Projets 2023 from Ass. Femmes d'Europe aisbl on Vimeo.

Ceremony 2022

Ceremony 2021

Ceremony 2020


Projets 2021 from Ass. Femmes d'Europe aisbl on Vimeo.

Ceremony 2020 Pictures